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Air Conduction
Spectacle Hearing SYSTEMS

Air conduction is the most common method of improving hearing loss. The air conduction spectacle hearing systems are most suitable for open ear fitting where microphones on the spectacle arms pick-up sound, which is amplified and transferred to the ear via a thin tube. This method allows you to experience as much natural sound as possible.


The "Click" system is now fitted as standard on all new spectacle hearing aid systems. There is no bulky side chamber, as the arms you have with the hearing instrument will click perfectly onto the frames of your glasses. It is possible to adapt any additional sets of spectacles such as sunglasses and reading glasses, which will enable the simple transfer of the aid to your chosen frames.


  • 8 channels allows your hearing specialist to program the hearing solution to your precise level of hearing loss.
  • Should the hearing aid require servicing it can be easily removed from the spectacle arm.
  • Adaptive or fixed directional microphones.
  • Layered noise reduction and feedback manager.
  • You are able to provide your existing spectacles, which can be adapted with a click fitting to connect your hearing aid.

If your hearing loss isn’t suitable for air conduction hearing systems, why not have a look at our range of bone conduction hearing systems?

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